I'm so thankful that I discovered Sew New York. I happened to see a flyer, and thought I'd give it a try. I was kind of disillusioned after taking a sewing class a few years ago at Joanne's. I didn't learn very much, so my machine was gathering dust. But then I took a beginner's class with Laura. It was great. I only had to share this instructor with two other students. So not only did I get plenty of individual attention, but because it was just a few of us, in a quiet, smaller space, I also learned when she was helping the other students. I made a skirt, which I'm actually going to wear. That's a first, LOL. Laura is so nice and patient. I'm very comfortable asking her to show me something, again when I don't quite understand. I watched as she showed someone else how to attach sleeves. Very cool. This class was so worth the money. I can't believe how much I've learned. I'm now using my sewing machine. Just made some cushions on my own. I just bought this beautiful fabric, so I plan to sign up again very soon, and my next project will be a summer dress.

— Lois Medina, Yelp

I've taken many different sewing classes in many different cities, and ended up dropping out of each one
for (mainly) the same reason: lack of personal attention. Private lessons are almost always the best way to go when learning a new skill; unfortunately, they tend to be expensive and awkward if you don't have a good relationship with your teacher. Laura McCracken of Sew New York is one of the best teachers I've ever had. She's easy-going, friendly and excellent at her craft. Classes are always a joy to go to, not only because of the sunny, comfortable studio environment, but because she takes the time to understand your personal needs instead of teaching everyone the same way (as what happens in group classes). Laura's prices are fair and very affordable, and completely worth the investment. After just a few months, I've already made gorgeous garments that fit
me perfectly - no more frumpy bags and pillows from those group classes! I simply cannot recommend
Sew New York enough.

— Buffy P., Yelp

SEW NEW YORK is FABULOUS!--Today I absolutely love my sewing lessons with Laura. She is obviously an experienced teacher with an organized plan for giving her students a proper background in sewing fundamentals. In the first bunch of weeks I not only learned a variety of stitches and techniques but was well on my way towards making a fully lined skirt (much more fun than the usual beginning sewing tote bag or curtains). In addition, she was extremely responsive to my particular strengths and weaknesses and found a way to focus the lessons on the issues where I needed the most hands-on guidance and encouraged me to do the rest of the job at home. This worked out perfectly and I soon felt confident enough to suggest a project that was perhaps a bit complicated for my level. She was supportive and worked with me to find an appropriate pattern, and continually modified the process to accommodate my new skills. Since she has been sewing and teaching for a long time, she knows all the ins and outs of the garment district stores - where to shop for what, how to navigate the different stores which can be a bit intimidating at first. She is personable, sensitive, encouraging, and flexible but at the same time makes sure you use proper technique and practice good sewing habits. Finally, communicating with Laura is easy and straightforward - she promptly answers emails and is clear and informative regarding logistical issues such as scheduling, making payments, etc...

— Anna Roma, Yelp

I agree with everything said thus far! Laura's sewing classes are not your average learn-to-sew-a-tote-bag classes. She teaches you skills you can use to make future garments, like darts, hand stitches, and various hem stitches, as you create a garment you will really want to wear. She teaches you how to insert a sleeve, decipher a pattern, and make a pattern fit YOU. Pricing is fair, the classes are casual, and with two people per class, you get one-on-one attention and work on your own project at your own pace. Laura also helps you decide what fabric might work with your project, where to shop for fabrics and notions, and differences between fabrics (she has a fibers background). The fact that many of her students have been sewing with her for 2+ years speaks for itself. I had some sewing experience prior to Laura's classes, but she has brought my skill level much, much higher to the point where people are amazed that I made a particular garment. I have had no problem applying what I've learned to projects I work on at home on my own, and if I run into questions or issues, Laura patiently explains and assists.

— Katie Bednark, Yelp

I absolutely loved taking sewing classes with Laura! I came to her with essentially no knowledge of sewing (despite having attempted other sewing classes in the past) and left with the ability to sew and make garments on my own! Pretty empowering. Laura is a thorough and patient teacher and just really fun to be around. After giving me a detailed intro of  sewing terms and tools, different hems, fabrics, etc., she walked me through, step by step, how to use a pattern to make a beautifully tailored skirt (using both hand stitching and a sewing machine.) This is no amateur skirt - it's one that I am proud to wear and show off. It's been several months since I was last able to take a class with Laura and I can honestly say that all of the skills she taught me have stuck with me - evidence of how fantastic a teacher she is!

The small group class size (there were a total of three students, including myself) was perfect and Laura gave us plenty of individual attention when needed and was always happy to answer our many questions. I found the classes very therapeutic and relaxing. I simply can't say enough.

— Emily Baron, Yelp

Sewing can be an intimidating skill to begin, but with Laura you could not be in better hands! The classes are absolutely worth it. I have taken group sewing classes before, only to discover that they don't provide enough individual attention. Laura is extremely attentive, professional, and knowledgeable. You could not ask for a better instructor. Every concern or question you may have, she has the answers for. I must add that I was in the midst of putting my portfolio together for entry into FIT when I began her classes. I attempted to construct garments before to no avail, but with Laura's help I was able to produce two professionally, well done garments for my portfolio. She helped me through the entire process, and was completely understanding and patient. Needless to say, with her help I was accepted! I am extremely grateful for her guidance and support. Now, I feel entirely confident with my sewing skills. She provided a solid foundation for my fashion design career, and now I love sewing more than ever. You just gotta do it! Sewing therapy at it's finest!

— Whitney Tran, Yelp

I highly recommend Laura's sewing classes! I came with a little bit of experience, and have learned so much. I took a few other classes around town, but the small class size and individual learning style with Laura makes skills stick in comparison to a larger class size format. Since I have been studying with Laura, I made a gorgeous pencil skirt, a finely tailored boucle wool jacket, and a lightweight summer shift dress. Each class has a total of 3 students, all of whom are working on different projects. As a result, you can go as slowly or as quickly as you need. Laura guides you through the techniques, allowing you to learn as you go, and is always there to help when you have a question or need guidance. My confidence in sewing has grown enormously.

Laura's skill level is amazing. You can tell she has a passion for the subject matter and that she really enjoys teaching others. She has a pleasant, open manner, and makes you feel comfortable from day one.

For most of your projects, you will pick out and purchase your fabric and trimmings - but all the equipment you need (sewing machines, needles, iron, scissors, etc.) are available at the class. For that reason, if you want to try out sewing, this is a great opportunity to do so without needing to invest in all the tools. If you enjoy it and want to keep at it, you may want to have the tools at home so you can work on your projects between classes.

Best of all, it's two hours of your week where you are able to focus on something other than work and home, and you can zen out while creating something beautiful that will fit you perfectly. I refer to it as "my therapy, but with outfits".

An added bonus - the other people in the class have been terrific, and I've been able to make some good friends along the way.

— Rebecca Fitzhugh, Yelp

Learning to sew with Laura surpasses any group sewing class I have attended. She is an experienced seamstress with 25 years of experience, and will teach you professional sewing techniques,
one-on-one in her Brooklyn Heights apartment, but best of all - she makes it seem easy. Never in a million years did I believe I could sew, and because of her, I can!!! I'm currently making custom curtains for my bedroom - which, in the end, will be sewn correctly, accurately, and professionally. Much better than anything I might have gotten at a regular home store.

Also, in my experience, I have found that certain schools (which
I will not name) geared to the average home sewing student
teach terribly wrong - you often learn the wrong techniques, like learning to trace your pattern onto your good fabric, which is,
um, a HUGE mistake.

Some schools waste your time and money with classes that don't teach the basics and you walk away really not learning anything,
or cram too many students in a class and you do not get any
one-on-one attention.

Or, they tell you that your first project will be a skirt, but it is a skirt that doesn't incorporate any sewing techniques, so you don't even learn how to make a basic dart, or a waistband, or you don't learn the basic types of seams, and it ends up being a skirt that you can never wear.

These one-on-one lessons are the way to go if you want to learn how to make a cute skirt, or some cushions for your home, or anything else you want to make. Plus, depending on your project, she charges between $30 and $35 an hour, with a 2 hour minimum.  A little more expensive than the group classes, but you'll end up walking away with actual knowledge.

I can't praise this enough!!!

— Brigitte Theirault, Yelp

Sewing with Laura is the best. I've been going to her for the past two years and I'm so glad I found her.

It took me a while to find a sewing instructor since I did not want to attend a class (not enough individual attention) and I wanted to really learn the craft. Laura is perfect because her classes consist of only 2 people, so we each get plenty of individual attention. She works with your pace, and she corrects your problem areas while enhancing your strengths.  Her instructions are clear and she is able to give you individualized instructions for your own project. I have never felt rushed or confused, and under her guidance I've become a much more confident sewer.

I've made a very nicely tailored lined boucle skirt and a beautiful spring sheath dress with ruching on the side. I've also managed to successfully alter some of my vintage clothes (due to my Mad Men vintage clothes obsession) to be perfectly tailored for me. Even my husband commented on my wardrobe.

I'm also finally able to decipher sewing patterns for garment construction so I'm not so intimidated when I look at a pattern.  She taught me how to lay sewing pattern pieces on the fabric, how to pin correctly and how to cut correctly and how to read (the sometimes very unclear or unreadable) instructions.

I still have much more to learn but I feel like I've made a lot of progress taking her class and I will continue to take her class to learn more. There's a certain satisfaction to be able to tell someone who asks about what you're wearing to say "Oh, this? I made it myself."  =)

I highly recommend her for anyone who is interested in learing to sew, whether you're a beginner or you're looking
to brush up on your sewing skills.

— Vesper C, Yelp

I took a sewing course at FIT which taught me the basics such as using a machine and basic pattern reading but I wanted to learn to put in zippers and do more. I found Sew New York through a web search and the yelp reviews were great. I immediately emailed Laura and she sent me a detailed response about what prices/class times/what I should expect from
the class.

Laura teaches the class out of her home. She has three students per class and two machines. That is not an issue because usually one person is cutting or pinning or I had no problems getting to use the machines when I needed them. The machines she has are beautiful. One is a singer from the 1940s and it worked wonderfully. I forget what the other was, but it was an older machine that also worked great.

Laura taught me more about reading patterns, and about basting, tailor tacks, darts and installing zippers. I had to stop going after 10 classes because my work schedule changed but I would totally recommend Laura's class and I plan on taking some days off work soon so I can fit in more classes.

— Crystal Arroya, Yelp